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PreCold / ColdZyme

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PreCold / ColdZyme

PreCold /ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is unique in that it fights the cause of the common cold – the cold virus. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is easy to use and works by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the throat, making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray, used protectively, can help shorten the duration of a cold, by acting on the cold virus itself instead of just helping to relieve the symptoms.

A well tolerated product for the entire family

ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is a CE-marked medical device.

ColdZyme® has a local, short-acting effect on the surface of the mucous membrane in your throat and can be used by adults and children age 4 and up. Over 50 million doses of the product have been used so far. Its performance and safety have been verified through clinical studies and customer surveys.

How to use ColdZyme® Mouth Spray

Start using ColdZyme® as soon as you feel that you are at risk of becoming infected with a cold virus. For example if someone you are in contact with has a cold or if you are in a contagious environment such as a train or plane, or in an open plan office.

  • Open your mouth and point the nozzle towards your throat.

  • Press the pump and spray 2 puffs (1 dose) every two hours up to 6 times a day.

    How ColdZyme® Mouth Spray works

    ColdZyme Mouth Spray is unique in that it fights the cause of the common cold – the cold virus. ColdZyme ColdZyme Mouth Spray forms a protective barrier. ColdZyme contains glycerol that works osmotically forming the barrier and an enzyme (trypsin) that works on the virus itself, reducing its ability to bind to the cells in the mucous membrane and cause illness. The body is then able to get rid of them using its natural processes.

    ColdZyme Mouth Spray is clinically documented to shorten the duration of illness if used protectively.

    ColdZyme Mouth Spray is used in the oral cavity and throat, where the cold virus takes hold and multiplies.

    ColdZyme Mouth Spray is easy to use and begins working immediately by forming a protective barrier.

    Discovery of a protecting enzyme from the Arctic Ocean

    In the 1970s, Professor Jon Bragi Bjarnason, an Icelandic scientist, noticed that employees of a fish-cleaning plant had unusually soft and undamaged hands. Considering that they cleaned fish all day, it seemed more logical for their hands to be full of cracks and cuts instead. Was there something in the fish that had a protecting effect? The answer was yes. The research team was able to show that certain cold-adapted marine organisms contained an enzyme with good protecting properties. Further research and development eventually led to a global patent on the marine enzyme – cold-adapted trypsin. The enzyme is extracted as a by-product of cod processing and thus does not put a load on the marine ecosystem.

    The Swedish biotech company Enzymatica was founded in 2007 and acquired global rights to develop and sell products that contain the marine enzyme.

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