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Ölvisholt Brewery is a microbrewery located at an old dairy farm in south Iceland, near Selfoss. It was founded in the year 2007 by two neighboring farmers who had a true passion for beer. This passion is the not-so-secret ingredient in all the beers Ölvisholt brews today.

Icelandic Dried Fish - Harðfiskur

Icelandic dried fish, known as "harðfiskur" in Icelandic, is a traditional Icelandic snack that has been consumed for centuries. It is made by drying fish, typically cod or haddock, using a method that preserves the fish while removing most of the moisture. The result is a light, crispy, and flavorful fish snack that is enjoyed by many Icelanders.

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Fun and really tasty freeze-dried Skittles that are both crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth - you really have to try them!
Imagine popcorn without any corn. Instead, envision Skittles taking the stage. But how is this achieved? Skittles are freeze-dried, and then they expand, creating a delightful and unique treat.

Inga Elín

In her illustrious career, Inga Elín has masterfully crafted numerous art pieces, ranging from whimsical sculptures to functional artworks that embody simplicity with intricate details. Our collection proudly presents a wide array of elegantly designed coffee mugs, milk jars, and oval dishes created by the talented Inga Elín.

Health & Beauty

Discover the wonders of Icelandic natural beauty with our innovative health and beauty products. Our formulations are backed by scientific research to provide effective results.

Coffee from Iceland

Have you taken pleasure in the Icelandic coffee on your most recent journey? Currently, the Christmas coffee is available for a limited duration.

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Uncover an assortment of products that we are making space for, either to accommodate new additions to our stock or because we have received an exclusive discount from our valued connections. Don't miss out on the amazing bargains you can find here.

Our Jewellery Store

Ófeigur in Reykjavik is a well-known jewelry store that offers a unique selection of jewelry pieces. With such a wide selection, customers are likely to find something that suits their personal style and preferences.

Icelandic Wool Duvets

Icelandic wool duvets, also known as Icelandic wool comforters or blankets, are bedding products made from the wool of Icelandic sheep. Icelandic wool is highly regarded for its quality, warmth, and durability.

Icelandic custom made Wool Sweaters

Handcrafted from authentic Icelandic wool, our products are custom-made and proudly crafted in Iceland.

Tantalum Rings

Icelandic Liquorice

Icelandic liquorice, also known as Icelandic licorice, is a popular type of liquorice candy that is native to Iceland. It is known for its distinctive flavor and texture, which sets it apart from other types of liquorice found in different parts of the world. We love Icelandic candy

Spirits & Beer

Icelandic spirits and beer are a popular part of the country's drinking culture. Here are some examples of Icelandic spirits and beers

Ideal Gift's

Ultimately, the ideal gift is one that leaves a lasting impression, gift from Iceland is unique.

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Iceland offers a variety of unique and popular items that are often sought after by tourists. Here are some of the best-selling Icelandic items:

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Here are some products that our customers adore. While Icelandic Candy tops the list as our best-selling item, we also offer a selection of unique Icelandic products that you won't find anywhere else.