Icelandic food is in a class all of its own

Icelandic food is in a class all of its own – this is a known fact to everyone who has ever tried some. Whether it is because of the incomparable freshness and purity of the Icelandic food products or that special vibe about all things Icelandic is hard to say. But one thing remains certain; once you‘ve tasted Icelandic food it is very hard to go without it for long. We at know this all too well and therefore we have a fine selection of quality Icelandic food on offer, ready to be delivered to your door wherever in the World you may find yourself. offers a wide range of Icelandic food and drinks. Fancy something mildly rustic of the meat variation? Try hangikjöt, smoked lamb both available as a deboned leg, perfectly served with potatoes, green beans, and some wheat sauce, and as thin slices perfect for rye bread. Feel like upgrading to true Viking status? Then you‘ll need some hardfiskur, dried fish that truly melts in your mouth with a pinch of butter and even some hákarl, cubes of putrefied shark meat. Or – should you crave the food of the Nordic gods try the exclusively Icelandic skyr, a dairy product without its equal this side of Valhalla. A luscious, silky scoop of divinity with a mouth feel somewhere between yogurt and smoothened cream cheese, skyr is not only irresistibly delicious but also virtually free of sugar and fat. If that sounds good, wait ‘til you hear the music upon tasting the actual thing.

For the sophisticated aficionado of World gastronomy, has for example filet of smoked salmon, a wide range of herring in different sauces, and last but not least, lýsi cod liver oil for those who wish to match the average Icelander‘s longevity. And what is better to accompany Icelandic food than Icelandic drinks? has legendary soft drinks from Egils, Appelsín orange lemonade, and the Maltöl dark ale. Also not to be missed are the World famous Brennivín schnapps and Reyka vodka, both made with Icelandic glacier water for a memorable experience, soothing and riveting at once. If you want to shop Icelandic we at have all you need. has all you need to experience the unmistakable taste of Iceland, with its range of Icelandic food and Icelandic drinks. With the goods delivered to your doorstep, you have Iceland and its wonderful flavors at your fingertips, shop Icelandic and enjoy all the best in food and drink. Reach out, and let take care of the rest! With a great selection in stock around the whole year, we also make sure we have all the seasonal Icelandic food you might crave; the thorri assortment of traditionally prepared foods, the unique and irresistible chocolate Easter eggs, and of course the Icelandic Holiday season goodies. All this, and so much more, is available at

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