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The Serum is a veritable fountain of youth.

Repair, reshape, rejuvenate, and restore your skin while luxuriously combating environmental elements. Increase collagen and hydration with powerful Icelandic seaweed extracts, organically-grown viola tricolor, and peptides with strong anti-oxidants. TARAMAR’s patent-pending technology, NoTox, is free from any cruel or harsh compounds . . . It’s food for your skin that’s so gentle, it’s technically edible!

The Serum promotes a healthy, fortified complexion – so fine lines, dryness, and wrinkles melt away. And it supports the skin in looking ageless while using only the purest, most natural ingredients.

All of this adds up to a beautiful, radiant, youthful, softer, and more luminous complexion.

See what "the star jury of Nordic Natural Beauty Awards" loved about the product:

  • Great product. I feel it firms up my skin very nice.
  • Really nice, it leaves the skin so smooth! Not so moisturizing, so it needs some face balm afterwards. But overall love the smooth feeling.
  • Best serum that I have ever tested!
  • I felt my skin firmer after using this product.
  • Loved everything about this product! Felt like having a vitamine boost. Best serum I’ve ever tried.
  • I like the ingredients in this serum. I believe that this is one of those serums that works wonders while using continuously.
  • I really like the water-based lightness, it leaves the skin ready for a face oil
  • Favourite 'go to' out of all the serums. It left my skin feeling really hydrated and calm. It was a little sticky but I got used to that. It felt really balancing and nutritious for my skin.

See more testimonials here

We had the efficacy of The Serum tested by an independent French laboratory, Dermscan. During this scientific testing, 36 women aged 45-65 applied The Serum to their facial skin 2x/day for 28 days. Afterwards, skin had visibly fewer wrinkles, higher collagen density, and an opulent glow. Testing results:

  • 13% increase in skin hydration
  • 14% less loss of water from skin
  • 9% more even skin
  • 18% more luminous and radiant skin
  • 21% more even complexion (fewer lines and wrinkles)
  • 24% smoother skin
  • 21% detoxification of the skin
  • And up to 20% increase in collagen density of skin

The bottle is 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz.), or approximately 35 pumps. And its sleek package design makes the ideal presentation and size for gift-giving as well.

HOW TO USE The Serum can be applied at any time of day. For the first month, we recommend that you apply it 2x per day - both morning AND evening. This will jump-start the process and generate rapid healing of your skin. After the initial effects begin to become apparent, a single application per day will suffice to gradually help you achieve deeper age-defying benefits. To apply, pump a dollop of The Serum onto your fingers and massage in gently wherever there is a concentration of fine lines or dryness for powerful collagen support and increased hydration. And human skin is human skin – so it works for men as well! We all face skin problems as we age, and The Serum is a pure solution to rejuvenate with each day.

INGREDIENTS Aqua**, Alaria esculenta extract**, Lactobacillus ferment, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolor Extract, Sclerotium Gum, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Tripeptide-10 Citrulline, Caprylyl Glycol, Citrus Aurantinum Bergamia Peel Oil* (bergaptene-free), Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil*, Citral***, Limonene***, Linalool***

* Organically certified, ** Pure wild source, *** Natural component of essential oils

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1. Pósturinn - Letter packet abroad small parcels up to 2 kg

2. Pósturinn - International parcel Interconnect. Registered shipment and traceable.

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Q: Can not checkout

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Q: can i order products with shipping to Israel ?

A: Yes You can

Q: If I buy alcohol (Rum) from you, do you ship it from Iceland? Im curious because taxes for alcohol import is expensive in Sweden

A: Alcohol orders can not be shipped to Sweden 

Q: Hi! I am wondering if this price is US dollar? What is the shipping time?

A: You can change the currency in the left top corner of the front page

A: Shipping time is 5-15 days airmail or E-Parcel and 2-4 days with DHL

A: Shipping time delays like due to the Corona Virus can be up to 35 days

Q: How much does it cost to ship to Norway?

A: From 20 Euros, best way to see the total is to login in go to checkout and there you will see the total with shipping and without VAT (tax) all prices are shown online with the Icelandic VAT.

Q: Is shipping to Germany possible?

A: YES no problem

Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: Most countries or all that are open from Iceland, best way is to login, go to checkout and if you see shipping prices then you are in luck, if not please e-mail us and we will look into it

(we love customers and we like to get more of them from all over the world)

Q: Do you ship to the Netherlands

A: Only in airmail, DHL is closed

Q: Do you ship to Australia....

A: Yes we do, far away and expencive but yes no problem at all.

Q: can I order meat to the UK

A: No sorry UK is closed, we update our list regularly, our list is here:

Q: I was wondering how I can track this shipment

A: yes we send in e-mail tracking number as soon as your order is processing, then again when we ship and fulfil your order, please look for e-mails from can be in junk or spam folders if you cant find them 

Q: Can not order

A: Best is to start here:

Q: When will my order be delivered

A: Shipping time is 5-15 working days airmail and 2-5 days with DHL

A: Shipping time delays like due to the Corona Virus, big SALE days or holidays can be up to 35 days 

Q: How much is shipping to the U.K.? And would I have to pay customs?

A: From 20 EUROS, yes you need to pay custom fee as you do not pay any VAT here in Iceland, gift orders can go through but you need to ask your postoffice or custom office if there is some rules about gifts.

A: Gift orders are when the Billing address is not the same as the Shipping address

Q: Do you ship to Canada. What size order make the shipping cost reasonable?

A: Yes we do in airmail, DHL is closed, lowest cost is for orders up to 2 kg. so please try to add more until you see the price changes

Q: Hello, just checking on shipping to the US

A: US is open, both airmail and DHL express but sorry no meat at the moment

Q: Hello! I see you ship around the world so I assume then you can ship within Iceland, too?

A: Yes we do, just change shipping address to any address within Iceland, no alcohol allowed in orders within Iceland

A: If you do not have Icelandic address and you like to pick the order up at our place us, Borgahella 3, 221 Hafnarfjordur

Q: Can I order Hot Dogs to the US

A: No sorry Closed at the moment

Q: Can I have a discount code.

A: We do offer promotional codes from time to time to our customers. The best way to get promotional codes is to sign up to our newsletter, we’ll for sure send out a post about any offers.

Food Restrictions - Closed Countries


All countries closed for meat, hot dogs and salmon


Food Restrictions - Closed Countries

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France - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed / DHL closed

UK - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed / DHL Closed

Germany - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon allowed in small orders

Spain - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed

Portugal - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed

Denmark - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed

Italy - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed

Asia - Smoked food like lamb meat and salmon not allowed

Norway - Closed

Sweden - Closed

Netherlands - Closed for all items in express

USA - Closed 

Smoked items are like sausage, lamb meat, hot dogs, salmon and trout.

We do not allow order to countries that takes more than 2-3 days in delivery as the foot items can not be for long in store temperature.

All meat items are shipped out frozen to keep then save for longer time

Other countries are also closed but this can change and we will update this page weekly

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