Icelandic Hardfiskur or Dried Fish Fish jerky

Gullfiskur HARÐFISKUR The original, Dried fish (Harðfiskur) is tasty and delicious. Produced from high quality fresh cod fillets caught in the waters around Iceland.

Harðfiskur Dried seafood snack is part of the essence of Icelandic history.

The earliest written information about the Icelandic dried fish (Harðfiskur) are from the 14th century in the Icelandic sagas. On the other hand, it is believed that Harðfiskur has followed the Icelandic people since the beginning of the settlement in 874. Harðfiskur was one of Iceland's main food for centuries. Iceland was often called the fishing island and it was said while the Europeans where eating bread the Icelanders ate harðfiskur as snacks.

Hardfiskur used to be one of Iceland's leading food, and was often eaten with butter or special type of seaweed. Harðfiskur is always made from fresh raw material.

Harðfiskur is a natural product and contains no artificial ingredients. Only about 10% of newly caught from the cold waters of Iceland returns to a salable product after drying.

Harðfiskur is especially suitable for those who are seeking extra protein from their diet. Such as people who do a lot of activities like hiking, cycling, running, gym and all kinds of sports. Benefits of consuming dried seafood snacks Its a good energy source Rich of B12 Vitamin Rich of Protein Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails Contributes to a growth in muscle mass and maintain muscle mass.

Some call Harðfiskur / Dried fish even Superfood as it´s 80% Protein and full of B12 vitamins

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