Icelandic Easter Egg

Every supermarket you go to in Iceland right now is literally flooded with Easter eggs of all sizes in good time for Easter which is in one months time.  An Icelandic Easter egg has a few quirks that make it different to other chocolate eggs. 

Easter eggs are traditionally given to children on Easter Sunday and often, parents hide the egg in either the home or the garden to provide an exhilarating easter egg hunt. Adults also often exchange Easter eggs. 

Here are a few things you need to know about the Icelandic Easter egg. 

1. It's made from Icelandic chocolate. Icelandic chocolate is made with Icelandic milk of course, and is very sweet. Also available with Dark Chocolate without Milk

2. It has a yellow Easter chick perched on top. For obvious reasons, it's Easter after all. Newer variations offer a plastic Toy on top, for more obscure reasons. 

3. It contains a bag of Icelandic sweets. These include chocolate covered caramel balls, toffees, liquorice, boiled sweets, jelly beans and chocolates with a filling. 

4.It contains an Icelandic proverb!  If you can't understand it, if not Google it.

5. It comes in a variety sizes from a size 2 to a size 10, depending on the size and appetite of the individual you are offering it to. 

Whilst takes every step possible to pack and protect Easter eggs, we cannot guarantee that they will not break during shipping. For this reason we will not be held liable or accountable for any damage that occurs after they have been dispatched from our warehouse.

NOTE. Bigger eggs can easily brake from Inside due to the candy inside.

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