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You're quite familiar with the breathtaking Icelandic landscape and pristine nature; you have probably indulged in Icelandic delicacies a few times and no doubt enjoyed a celebration laced with a chilled shot of Brennivín. But your knowledge of Icelandic entertainment may not yet reach beyond Björk and Sigur Rós, and here is clearly some room for improvement on your behalf. Prepare to get schooled in the field of Icelandic entertainment – via DVD‘s with feature films, documentaries, children's programs and educational material, not to mention loads of great music on CD‘s – courtesy of Nammi.is.

Nammi.is carries some of the finest motion pictures ever produced in Iceland on DVD, ready to be shipped to your home, anywhere in the World. Whatever the mood, we got you covered: Feeling like seeing a Viking vengeance thriller that plays like a Sergio Leone flick? Try „The Raven Flies“ from 1984. Or maybe you prefer a look into the incomparable vibe of downtown Reykjavik? Then we recommend „101 Reykjavik“. And if offbeat, pitch-black sense of humor makes you tick then you can‘t go wrong with the recently released „Jóhannes“, revolving around a day quite out of the ordinary for a schoolteacher all out of luck. For those who prefer to play it safe, there‘s always „Children Of Nature“, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson 1992 classic, nominated for an Oscar as „Best Foreign Language Film“. Whatever your cinematic inclination, Nammi.is will provide with you with an Icelandic video-evening at home. For the necessary Icelandic sweets to go with your film viewing, consult our extensive assortment in the Candy-section of Nammi.is.

The children will find plenty of Icelandic entertainment as well at Nammi.is. Lazytown, having conquered much of the World, needs no introduction and Nammi.is makes sure that the entire collection is available to be delivered to your door at your convenience. Also featured are several good friends of children everywhere, like Dora the Explorer, Noddy in Toyland and the Smurfs, not to mention a fine selection of classic Disney animation works, with recent releases by Disney-Pixar and reaching back to timeless classics like Snow White, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and Robin Hood.

Icelandic television series on DVD are an untapped goldmine for you to browse, order and enjoy. The already classic series of Night Watch (Næturvaktin), Day Watch (Dagvaktin) and Prison Watch (Fangavaktin), are a triumph of the bleekest Icelandic black humour, and an American remake is already in the works. Make sure you see the original series first and have them sent to your doorstep by Nammi.is! Suspense is also another home turf for Icelandic tv-producers, and recently some exceptional mini-series have been released in Iceland: Hamarinn („The Cliff“), Svartir englar („Black Angels“) and Mannaveidar („I Hunt Men“) should keep you on the edge of your seat for several episodes.
And of course, Nammi.is goes beyond the visual arts in the department of Icelandic entertainment. Apart from the aforementioned Björk and Sigur Ros, Nammi.is has a great selection of Icelandic music ready for you to browse. Whether you feel like enjoying single artists like Lay Low, Gus Gus and Emiliana Torrini, or sampling a greater variety by means of a convenient compilation CD, everything you need is just a click away.

Your craving for Icelandic entertainment is duly served – on Nammi.is

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