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Aaah, now we‘re talking! When health & beauty is concerned, Icelanders are on home turf. With a natural environment of incomparable purity, Icelanders have ancient traditions in extracting exceptionally healthy products from their surroundings, both sea and soil.

The fish from the Northern-Atlantic ocean surrounding Iceland has provided the nation with food to whom the Icelanders‘ longevity and health has long been credited. But you don‘t have to be Icelandic yourself to enjoy the goodness of Icelandic products; has all you need in that department.

Your health and wellness is just a few clicks away! Browse the selection, choose your Icelandic sources of well-being and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep. The benefits are yours to reap! offers a wide selection of products related to health and wellness.

Firstly, there‘s Lýsi fish oil – the famous cod-liver oil. A unique product, it is at once brain-fuel and machine-oil for the joints in the human body, rich in Omega-3 and vital fatty acids. also has Omega-3 fish oil in convenient capsules to keep at work, in the gym bag or wherever you may want to keep them close at hand.

Would you like a tasty snack product that has a protein-ratio of about 90% and is virtually fat-free? Try hardfiskur, Icelandic dried-fish often made from cod or haddock. With such levels of positive ingredients, you‘d be forgiven to add a slight pinch of butter, as Icelanders traditionally do. A melting-in-the-mouth sensation of health and wellness ensues. has a variety of hardfiskur products in stock. Click to see our selection!

Other healthy products originating from the sea around Iceland include various types of dried seaweed, to be enjoyed plain as snacks or sprinkled onto pizzas, pasta dishes, soups and salads. Not to be missed is the bath salt package which transforms your bathtub into an Icelandic spa, loaded with health and wellness, Iceland style, cleansing, moisturizing and strengthening your skin in the process.

For those who crave a touch of the Icelandic mountains carries a wide selection of products made from wild Icelandic herbs like moss and wild thyme, according to traditional methods centuries old. Spice blends, tea, throat syrup mixture and even an invigorating schnapps made from Icelandic mountain moss! There is also the luscious skin products from Villimey („Wild Maiden“), guaranteed to heal and soothe as laced with unique extracts from Icelandic herbs. Health and wellness according to Icelandic tradition is now available to you, delivered anywhere in the World at your convenience through

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