COLLAB: The Perfect Blend of Science and Nature in an Icelandic Functional Beverage

In a world where scientific innovation and environmental preservation go hand in hand, a remarkable caffeinated collagen drink emerged to capture the essence of both. COLLAB, a groundbreaking beverage, made its debut in the Icelandic functional drinks market in 2019, quickly establishing itself as one of the most coveted beverage brands in the country.

Born from a collaboration between Ölgerðin, Iceland's largest beverage producer, and FEEL Iceland, an innovative marine collagen start-up, COLLAB exemplifies the next level of functionality in a truly unique drink.

A Collaboration That Defies Expectations:

In 2017, Ölgerðin and FEEL Iceland joined forces to create COLLAB, defying expectations and breaking new ground in the beverage industry. Their shared vision was to develop a beverage that not only offered functional benefits but also showcased the commitment to preserving Iceland's pristine natural resources. This partnership gave birth to COLLAB, a drink that seamlessly combines the power of marine collagen with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Harnessing the Power of Marine Collagen:

At the core of COLLAB lies marine collagen, sourced sustainably from the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. By utilising fish skins, which are typically discarded as waste in the seafood industry, COLLAB upholds its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The innovative production process involves extracting pure marine collagen from the fish skins, ensuring the utilisation of high-quality collagen while simultaneously reducing waste.

Functionality and Environmental Consciousness:

COLLAB's inclusion of marine collagen not only offers functional benefits but also contributes to reducing waste in the seafood industry. By repurposing fish skins that would otherwise be discarded, COLLAB embraces sustainability and minimizes its ecological footprint. This conscientious approach aligns with the growing global movement towards sustainable practices and reinforces COLLAB's position as a socially responsible brand.

Preserving Iceland's Natural Purity:

Iceland, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled nature, serves as the backdrop for COLLAB's creation.

By drawing inspiration from Iceland's pristine environment, the beverage encapsulates the purity and essence of the country. With every sip, COLLAB provides a refreshing experience that reflects the harmony between scientific innovation and the preservation of Iceland's natural resources.

The Rise of COLLAB:

Since its introduction to the Icelandic market in 2019, COLLAB has quickly gained popularity and emerged as one of the most valued beverage brands in the country. Its unique combination of functional benefits, sustainable sourcing, and commitment to reducing waste has resonated with consumers, making COLLAB a symbol of innovation and conscious consumption.

Embrace the Future with COLLAB:

COLLAB represents a paradigm shift in the beverage industry, blending scientific innovation with environmental consciousness. By embracing the power of marine collagen sourced from the Atlantic Ocean and repurposing fish skins, COLLAB demonstrates that functionality and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. With each sip, you not only enjoy a refreshing and invigorating drink but also contribute to a more sustainable future.


COLLAB stands as a testament to the remarkable possibilities that emerge when scientific innovation and environmental preservation intertwine. By harnessing the power of marine collagen while actively working to reduce waste in the seafood industry, COLLAB has redefined the concept of a functional beverage. As this Icelandic treasure continues to captivate taste buds and inspire conscious consumption, it reminds us that we can embrace the future without compromising the purity of our nature.

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