2 x Katla Vodka 50 ml.

Wild Gin (750 ml.)

Wild Pink Gin (750 ml.)

WILD PINK GIN Wild Pink Gin is infused with blackcurrants to give the gin its distinctive color and sweetness. Blackcurrants are known locally as “sólber”, or sun berry, and are only available for a short window of time and provided they get abundant sunshine. The result is a rare spirit of bottled sunshine. 40% alc vol 750 ml Icelandic gin Gin of Iceland Craft Gin Icelandic Distillery
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Wild Slow Gin (750 ml.)

Og natura is Iceland’s first winery and our mission is to distill the essence of Iceland’s wild flora to a bottle. Giving you an opportunity to enjoy the flavors of unique local botanicals like arctic thyme, angelica, crowberries, and stone bramble.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of the natural ingredients which take centre stage in all of our products. Every ingredient is either produced organically or sustainably harvested in the wilds of Iceland. We do not use any artificial additives or preservatives and we’re sticking with it.
Og natura is a family business and we use a time-tested natural process and recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation. This allows us to take an active part in crafting our drinks from start to delicious finish.
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