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Do you wake up at night to use the bathroom?

SagaPro can help you dramatically.

Only 1-2 tablets per day are normally needed.

Our packaging fits 3 SagaPro packets, and is shipped comfortably worldwide.

SagaPro is our most popular product, with years of success and a very loyal customer base.

Try it out for yourself.

SagaPro is a safe product, as shown in the study. It is made from Angelica archangelica leaves, which are "recognized as safe" by the FDA. SagaPro is even safer than the Angelica herb itself, as not all biochemical constituents are contained in the finished product.

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SagaPro is a clinically studied herbal supplement that reduces urinary frequency in people with low bladder capacity.

It´s useful for many groups of people; namely those suffering from bladder problems like an overactive bladder (OAB), sometimes reffered to as "irritable bladder" and prostate enlargement (which can lead to bladder problems).

SagaPro is a proprietary, aqueous extract of Angelica archangelica leaves, harvested from wild plants grown in the pure air and soil of Iceland. Wild Angelica is gathered by local people in an eco- friendly and sustainable manner.

SagaPro supports healthy bladder strength and function both for men and women.

Fast acting * Only 1-2 tablets per day

* Results normally before 1 month

* Calms bladder muscle contraction

* Easy to measure by counting trips to the bathroom

* Improved sleep patterns

Clinical results Participants in a recent clinical trial experienced support for healthy bladder function and reported improved sleep patterns as well.

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