Bjork Liqueur Icelandic Alcohol

Björk Liqueur (50 cl.)

Icelandic Juniper liqueur. (200 ml.)

Björk Liqueur (12 x 50 cl.)

Björk is a fragrant liqueur handcrafted from distilled grain spirit, flavoured with Icelandic birch handpicked in the spring and with a finish of Icelandic birch syrup.
Birch (Betula pubescens), the signature tree of Iceland, has numerous wholesome qualities. The birch used in Birkir‘s flavouring is taken from the unspoiled Icelandic wilderness. The trees were planted at the roots of Haukafell mountain next to Vatnajökull glacier in the 1960’s as a part of a soil reclamation program. The trimmings that are cut off to make the forest sustainable are used for Foss Distillery‘s products.

Ever since farmer Alexander Bjarnason wrote about the fortifying, purifying and appetizing properties of birch in 1860, Icelanders have continued to praise its many qualities, such as its rejuvenating and invigorating benefits for the skin, hair and even the libido. How about that!
Enjoy Björk as a digestif after your favourite meal or with your coffee.
Björk with tonic or club soda is the perfect pre-dinner or after-dinner drink – we call it B&T!
Björk is an ideal modifier in cocktails.

12 x 50 cl bottle - vol 27,5%

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