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Íslensk Hollusta

Island Moss grinded / Fjallagrös möluð (50 gr.)

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Island Moss grinded / Fjallagrös möluð (50 gr.)


Iceland Moss is comparable to seaweed in many ways.

Iceland Moss is widespread in Iceland especially in the unpolluted highlands. Its appearance can vary greatly. The body of the plant is curled and highly branched, with spiny edges. In Iceland it was part of the daily diet. Iceland Moss was used as a famine food and a bread additive. For centuries Iceland Moss has been considered extremely healthy with many natural medicinal qualities. When boiled, it is specially known as a remedy for many types of respiratory conditions, for instance in the chest and helps reduce congestion. It also soothes a dry cough. This plant works well in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Iceland Moss is also helpful in the treatment of gastritis, vomiting and dyspepsia, respiratory catarrh and bronchitis. It is useful as a tonic for convalescents and cachexia, a state of malnourishment and debility, because it helps stimulate the appetite and provides high nutritional value, especially in carbohydrates.


Ground Iceland Moss is excellent in baking bread, especially with the well-balanced natural grain spelt.

Icelanders have a history of boiling Iceland Moss together with Arctic Thyme, as a medicine for sick children and adults.

Iceland Moss can also be used in cooking soups, warm milk drinks and savory pudding.


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