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Icelandic Algae Omega-3 - 60 Capsules

Icelandic Algae Omega-3 - 60 capsules. Vegan Product.
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Algae Omega-3

The healthy Icelandic Algae Omega-3 includes 4 mg of our natural Icelandic Astaxanthin along with vegan DHA omega-3 fatty acids, straight from the source, algae. Astaxanthin from KeyNatura is produced in a sustainable way using high-tech green houses, renewable hydroelectric energy and pure Icelandic water.

Icelandic Algae Omega-3 includes the powerful KeyNatura antioxidant, the natural form of astaxanthin and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids from a vegan source (algae) which help maintain healthy heart, vision and brain.

  • Help maintain healthy heart, vision and brain activity
  • Omega-3s and Astaxanthin can fight inflammation
  • Omega-3s and Astaxanthin can improve risk factors for heart disease
  • Omega-3s and Astaxanthin can cause a reduction in triglycerides
  • Omega-3s and Astaxanthin can raise “good” HDL cholesterol levels
  • This product is vegan
  • Sustainable production

Each box of Algae Omega-3 contains 60 pearls, which lasts 1-2 months

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