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Saga Pro / 30 Herbal Tablets

Saga Pro 30 Herbal Tablets
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Saga Medica

The product is a clinically researched product and over the years has proven its effectiveness and improved the quality of life of many individuals both in Iceland and abroad.

SagaPro is made from angelica leaves and can benefit women and men with an overactive bladder and men with an enlarged prostate. SagaPro users are often people with an overactive bladder and suffer from frequent urination.

Reduce toilet trips
SagaPro users have taken 1-2 tablets at bedtime to prevent or reduce toilet trips at night. Frequent urination usually disrupts sleep at night and many people find differences in the quality of sleep after taking SagaPro. At the same time, lifestyle groups have increasingly been taking SagaPro to reduce the number of toilet trips while pursuing hobbies. This applies to e.g. runners, golfers, cyclists - and hikers.

We recommend 1-2 tablets and the duration of the activity depends on the individual. People have been said to notice effects for up to five days from the start of use. Many people do not feel the change until after a long time, but a forty-day dose should be enough to remove all doubt as to whether SagaPro is beneficial or not. It is advisable to see a doctor if you have frequent urination, as the reasons for them can be various. This is especially true for men.

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