Dropi / Cod liver oil Capsules (60 pc)

Cod Liver Oil - Mint & Lemon (240 ml)

Dropi / Cod liver oil Capsules (120 pc)

The capsules are made of fish gelatin which makes Dropi a 100% fish product and pescatarian friendly.

The oil is cold processed and made only from Atlantic cod.

Daily dosage: 2-4 capsules

Each Capsule is 500 mg

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THE OIL   Dropi’s oil is a pure natural Cod liver oil. The oil has a clear yellow and reddish tone without any cloudy appearence at room temperature. It is important to keep in mind, that Dropi cod liver oil is less processed than regular commercially produced cod liver or fish oil. It is cold processed and therefore classified as virgin oil. No artificial ingredients have been added.  The vitamins A & D, omega-3 and other nutritions are as pure and natural as intended by nature.

THE CAPSULE   We provide our customers with top quality fish product by using the best gelatin available for our soft gel capsule, i.e. fish gelatin which makes the product even more unique as well as a 100% fish product.

THE COD LIVER   The fishermen bring in the fresh wild cod daily from the clean seas of the North-Atlantic Ocean just outside the Westford’s in northwest Iceland where it’s processed immediately at our facility which is located by the harbor at Bolungarvík and few meters from the local fish market..

THE BOTTLE   Our bottles are made of dark brown glass to protect the oil from light. The cap has protective sealing to prevent leaks and spills. Short bottle neck and small opening to make pouring in teaspoon easy as possible.

Each Capsule is 500 mg

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