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AstaFuel is a unique vegan liquid blend of natural Icelandic Astaxanthin and MCT oil. The MCT oil gives you quick fuel for the day and Astaxanthin supports the protection of our cells when they are under oxidative stress. Astaxanthin from Keynatura is produced in a sustainable way using high-tech green houses, renewable hydroelectric energy and pure Icelandic water.

  • Immediate long-lasting energy source
  • Energy during fasting
  • Keto and 16/8 diet
  • Suitable for endurance and strength training
  • For joints, recovery and stamina
  • This product is vegan
  • Sustainable production

Astaxanthin (4 mg) can enhance your performance, with positive affect on both
your endurance and recovery. It protects the skin against UV rays and harmful
environmental pollutants as it protects the skin from photoaging.

AstaFuel is a unique and tasty vegan liquid formula that contains Astaxanthin and MCT coconut oil as well as vitamin E, which provides both increased energy and reduction. AstaFuel is a great solution for people who want their dose of Astaxanthin in liquid form, for those who do sports, those who are on keto or a 16: 8 solid diet. You can take one spoon in the morning with the coffee cup instead of "hiding" the fat in the coffee, AstaFuel does not break the fast!

Recommended daily dose: 1 teaspoon (5 ml).

One teaspoon contains:
Astaxanthin: 4 mg
MCT oil: 4.5 g
Of which caprylic acid (C8): 2.7 g
Of which capric acid (C10): 1.8 g
Vitamin E: 4 mg
¹33% of the nutritional standard for adults.

Pack size: 170 ml.
Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 months after opening.
Store out of the reach of children.

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