AGE-DEFYING VALUE SET - Minimizing Fine Line

Full Body Value Set – Nourishing Body Treatment

This healing trio consists of Pure Hand Care, a nourishing moisturising treatment for hands, Pure Foot Care, a replenishing treatment for feet and legs and Divine Healing Cream, providing deeply nourishing hydration for dry, itchy and damaged skin.
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50 ml/ 1.7 fl oz each product WILD HERBS FROM ICELAND 
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Anna Rósa Skincare Collection embodies pure luxury.

  • The luxury of hand-picked herbs from pure wilderness.
  • The luxury of using only pure spring water.
  • The luxury of delicately handcrafted products made in small batches.
  • The luxury of carefully chosen ingredients of the highest quality, giving you the pure luxury of natural products made with love.

Hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs for your skin.

100% natural, non-toxic and sustainable.

Handmade by Anna Rósa.

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