Wild Berry Syrup / 60ml

Arctic Thyme Syrup / 60ml

Liquorice Syrup / 60ml

Wild Berry Syrup 60 ml.


Sweet and salty, the liquorice syrup created with organic cane sugar and has a rich flavor of sweet liquorice, spicy Icelandic Arctic Thyme, salty salmiak and a delicious scent of Anis.

Icelanders love this syrup and use it on ice cream and other desserts, in drinks and candies. It is perfect in confectionery, baked marenges and cakes, in the coffee and to flavor milk and other dairy. It is used to marinate and glaze meat, smoked salmon and vegetables. The syrup has a strong taste and a little goes a long way. We think we created the best of the best liquoricey syrup on earth.


  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Water
  • Wild Icelandic Arctic Thyme
  • Anis Seed Oil
  • Liquorice root
  • Salmiak
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Urta Islandica ltd. is a family business founded in January 2013, but the brand: urta.islandica has been used since October 2010. Our products are herbal tea, herbal salt, jams and syrup.

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