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Raspur (300 gr)

Sinnep / Mustard 750 gr

SS Hot Dog Mustard.  one of the best thinks about the Icelandic Hot Dog

When we have "Pulsa með öllu" we use fresh small cutted onion, Fried onion, mustard, apple ketchup, Remulaði (remo purre majo dressing), some also add kokteilssosa and red cabbage to it (mostly peoble from Akureyri).

The bun is also very importand, soft & light bun that we heat up in steam just for a few secounts.

The hot dogs we but in a boiling water for maximum one minute, but when they are put in turn the heat off.  DO NOT USE TO MUCH WATER

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Sinnep / Mustard 750 gr
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SS Hot Dog Mustard
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