Urta Arctic Herb Salt (Grinder)

Urta Blueberry Salt (Grinder)

Urta - Black Lava Salt (Grinder)

From Urta Islandica Icelandic Urta Black Lava Salt (Grinder)

Fantastic crispy crunch and mild taste of coal, goes very well with all fried and barbecued food.

The salt is very decorative and resembles the Icelandic black lava and refers to the use of environmentally friendly geothermal energy in the drying process.

  • Icelandic Sea Salt

    Activated Carbon

    Crowberry Sap

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Urta Islandica ltd. is a family business founded in January 2013, but the brand: urta.islandica has been used since October 2010.

Our products are herbal tea, herbal salt, jams and syrup. Our company is located at Austurgata 47 in Hafnarfjordur Iceland.

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