Lopi Wool Soap (500 ml)

Conditioner & Gentle Soap for Wool

Conditioner (500 ml.) & Gentle Soap (500 ml.) for Wool . Specially Made for Icelandic Wool.
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ISTEX- sápa_næring

Ullarsápa and Ullarnæring

Lopi Ullarsápa is a detergent specially formulated for washing wool and other delicate materials.

Lopi Ullarnæring is a conditioner for wool and other delicate materials.

Both products can be used for washing by hand or in a washing machine.

Washing instructions

Dosage, Lopi ullarsápa (gentle soap):

Machine wash:             75 ml (ca 6 caps) for 4-5 kg

Hand wash:                   25 ml (ca 2 caps) in 5 litres of water


Dosage, Lopi ullarnæring (conditioner for wool):

Machine wash:             25 ml (ca 2 caps) for 4-5 kg

Hand wash:                  12 ml (ca 1 caps) in 5 litres of water

Hand washing of garments made with Lopi

Dissolve Lopi ullarsápa in lukewarm water, approximately 30°C

Let the garment soak in the water for about 10 minutes, except garments made from Plötulopi.

Wash delicately.

Rinse very well or until the water is completely clear.

Once clean and fully rinsed add Lopi ullarnæring. Let soak for a few minutes.

No need to rinse after the conditioner.

Squeeze gently, do not rub or wring out.

Lay to dry on a flat surface.

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