64° Brennivin 43% vol. 200 ml.

2 x 64° Brennivin / 20 ml.

The smooth taste of the 64° Reykjavík Distillery Brennivín comes from its unique distilling process, infused with herbal mixture of organic caraway seed and selected angelica seed from unspoiled Icelandic nature.

This Icelandic snaps brings you the real Icelandic spirit... pure, strong and clean.

Enjoy it freezing cold, reminding the long winter nights in the arctic north.

Vol 43% or 50 % It's popular in Iceland to eat Shark with Brennivín Icelanders eat dried fish with alcoholic beverages

Product of Iceland

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2 x 64° Brennivin / 20 ml.

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Established in 2009 64°Reykjavik Distillery is the first Icelandic distillery of its kind. Its a family run, independent micro-distillery. 64°Reykjavik spirits are handcrafted from Icelandic nature to your glass. Many desire knowledge of the Reykjavik methods, as it’s believed that those were presented to the Distillery by a local elf named Benedikt who had been assigned by its king to present the knowledge to the man-world. The methods include: natural infusion, small batch distillation and sustainability sourced, locally harvested ingredients. Maybe this explains the mysterious depth of the flavours from 64°Reykjavik Distillery.

Skál and hail to the elf.

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