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Sport Trio / joints (16 Daily Dosage)

Sport Trio / Joints (16 Daily Dosage)

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LYSI’s S3 Sport Trio increases performance during physical exercise. It is believed to increase muscle strength, energy and the ability to burn fat. Each daily dose contains 1 multivitamin tablet, 2 L-carnitine tablets and 1 capsule of omega-3 fatty acids.

The multivitamin tablet contains significant doses of vitamins and minerals for daily consumption. The tablet also contains chromium picolinate and green tea, both of which play a part in the body’s metabolism.

Chromium is believed to help reduce sugar cravings by maintaining stable blood sugar levels. It also plays a part in building muscle mass and can help decrease levels of stored body fat.

During exercise, toxins that have accumulated in the body’s fat tissue can be released. Green Tea has strong anti-oxidant properties and can be a valuable help in protecting the body against negative effects due to the release of these toxins and other undesirable effects from our environment.

L-carnitine is believed to help build body mass and help burn body fat.

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are categorised as essential fatty acids, as the body cannot manufacture them by itself. They are especially important for those who cut down their consumption of fats or do not eat sufficient amounts of fatty fish.

Multivitamin tablet
Vitamins, minerals, green tea, chromium picolinate, excipients (Maltodextrin, E414, E422, E460, E464, E470b, E551, E570). 

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Sport Trio / Joints (16 Daily Dosage)
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