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SS Smoked Leg of Lamb (1300-1700 gr.)

Smoked Leg of Lamb (1300-1700 gr.)

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Some countrys are closed for icelandic food, see list here

Smoked deboned leg of Lamb. This is a favourite Icelandic Christmas product made by SS.

The product carries a veterinary health certificate

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Cooking instructions.

Hangikjot & 1 - 1.5 liter cold water (water should bearly cover the meat).  note: Heat up slowly.

Cook for 1 hour per kilo / 2.2 pounds

Note: The meat will shrink 250-300 grams per kilo / 2.2 pounds.

If serving cold, then cook the meat day before.

Good to serve with:

Béchamel Sauce with potatos
Ora Canned Green Beans (320 gr.)
Kristjáns Laufabrauð - Leaf Bread (586 gr.)
Ora Canned Red Cabbage (320 gr.)
Egils Malt & Appelsín (500 ml) soft drink



Smoked meat or fish from Iceland, the Icelandic Salmon or the smoked leg of lamb, something different and something unique to serve to friends and family
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Additional Information

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