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Skoppa & Skrítla ENN út um hvippinn og hvappinn (þættir 1-5)

Skoppa & Skrítla ENN út um hvippinn og hvappinn (þættir 1-5)

$ 26
$ 26



Skoppa & Skrítla "ENN út um hvippinn og hvappinn" (episode 1-5)

This is a world of fantasy and imagination.. A world where butterflies tow chariots, berries can turn you invisible and elves can steal your freckles. A place with a multi-cultural tribe of kids who speak their own language and all play instruments in the UngaBunga House Band. A place where the unexpected happens and all anything ever costs is a smile! Koko and Kiki, our enthusiastic chaperones, encourage children to act without fear and explore their world with a positive mindset. Join them on adventures with their powerful butterfly Olio and mischievous friend Zoom the Elf as they teach children how to solve their own problems and accomplish any task put before them.


7. Police station

8. Swimmingpool

9. Hospital

10. Coast Card Boad

11. Erro the blind mans dog.

12. Airplain.

Skoppa: Linda Ásgeirsdóttir

Skrítla: Hrefna Hallgrímsdóttir

Writer: Hrefna Hallgrímsdóttir

Music: Hallur Ingólfsson

Costumes: Katrín Þorvaldsdóttir



Additional Information

Additional Information

  • SKU 639389
  • Products Model Icelandic kids film
  • Rate G
  • Subtitles No Subtitle
  • Genres Children
  • Format PAL
  • Region 2
  • Brand Sena