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Product Delivery - Returns

How can I see the total shipping cost

European & International delivery charges and regulations will be quoted at checkout. Delivery costs will be clearly stated on the checkout page, though you will need to register (to provide your delivery address) in order to see the delivery costs.

Delivery Time & Late Delivery

Delivery times vary for each product ordered according to the requested delivery method. Information is included during the checkout process, where you can select from the several available shipping methods. We deliver product(s) worldwide, but customers are liable for all delivery and import charges into destination country. If the scheduled delivery time has passed and you have yet to receive your product(s), or you have any other delivery related questions, please send us an e-mail at: info (at) nammi.is

Once your items have been dispatched, we have no control over the postal service and we cannot accept any liability for late delivery.

Non-Returnable Items

We cannot accept return of perishable goods, including ice cream, food, meat, fish, Skyr, dairy products, bread and items that have a very limited expiry date.  

Return, Refund & Lost Orders

Any returns are the sole responsibility of the customer returning the goods, including cost of shipment. Furthermore, we cannot accept the return of perishable goods, including ice cream, food, bread and items that have a very limited expiry date.  You can return order within 60 days from delivery without any explanacion.

Refund will be placed as soon as we get the parcel back.

Lost Orders are not an issue, if your order is lost we will track it with help from the Icelandic Post office or DHL.

Lost orders will be replaced with a new order, tracking number will be e-mailed after the new parcel have been shipped out

Return address


Haaleitisbraut 58-60

108 Reykjavik


note to ship the returned items with tracking number 


Contact Us

Please contact us is we can assisted you, our e-mail is info(at)nammi.is