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Plötulopi  Wool Yarn (1054)

Plötulopi Wool Yarn (1054)

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Color: 1054 light berry heat

Icelandic plötulopi - 100% new wool yarn each unit is 100 g (3.5 oz) approx. 300 m (328yd).

Istex plötulopi can be worked one, two or more ply at a time, depending on how bulky a yarn you want. Gently wind the required number of strands together into a ball by taking the end from the centre and the end from the outside of the plate, or plates.

Plötulopi from Istex is very fragile to knit.

We recommend the continental knitting technique as it permits control with very loose tension.

Since Istex Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit; however, due to the length of its fibers, it knits into a sweater that is both sturdy and soft.  Excelent way to make your own Icelandic wool Gardigans


Additional Information

Additional Information

  • SKU 1928
  • Products Model Wolle Garn 1054 light berry heat
  • Brand Istex