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Nýtt líf / New life DVD

Nýtt líf / New life DVD

$ 20
$ 20



Director: Þráinn Bertelsson
Writers.: Þráinn Bertelsson og Ari Kristinsson
Producer: Þráinn Bertelsson

Elva Ósk Ólafsdóttir
Karl Ágúst Úlfsson
Eggert Þorleifsson
Runólfur Dagbjartsson
Eiríkur Sigurgeirsson
Sveinn Tómasson
Guðrún Kolbeinsdóttir

Great Comedy about two friends. At the Start of the movie they are working in a restaurant and get fired from there like every job they ever had. With no money our guys are looking for a change of pace, they see a advertisement for people to work in fish at Vestmanneyjar a island in Iceland so they jump on that to get some money,Vestmanneyjar also famous for it's party's and drinking habits of it's locals. So many things in this movie are freaky and downright strange, child of it's time no it's not. First time i saw this movie was in 1985 and i loved it now in 2006 i bought the DVD version and after 20 years it has cult status. This Movie is brilliant its wicked,funny and downright weird at times. There are 3 movies with our heroes this one Dalalíf and Löggulíf. First 2 are good third one OK.If you wanna see very young Björk than look no further cause you see her here. Many songs from Björk early group is in this movie.

Release Date: 1983

Language: íslenska
Subtitles: No

Only available in Icelandic



Nýtt líf / New life DVD
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Additional Information

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