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Lost Ship / Árásin á Goðafoss DVD

Lost Ship / Árásin á Goðafoss DVD

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$ 32



Synopsis for The Lost Ship:

A documentary The Lost Ship about the Icelandic freighter Godafoss that was sunk by a German submarine in November 1944. Godafoss was coming from New York via England when it was torpedoed by the U-300 just before it came to harbor in Reykjavik. 42 people died in the attack.

The Lost Ship Godafoss was shot down in shallow water, close to land and a lot of people saw it sink – but the ship has never been found!

Original title: Árásin á Goðafoss

English title: The Lost Ship

Genre: Documentary

Language: Icelandic

Director: Björn Brynjúlfur Björnsson

Scriptwriter: Jón Ársaell Thórdarson, Thór Whitehead

Editor: Björn Brynjúlfur Björnsson

Cinematographer: Gudmundur Bjartmarsson

Sound design: Gunnar Árnason

Music: Tryggvi Baldvinsson

Producer(s): Björn Brynjúlfur Björnsson, Jón Ársaell Thórdarson

Production company: Reykjavik


Country: Iceland

Length: 2x52 minutes

Screening format: Digibeta Pal

Production format: Digibeta Pal

Film gauge/aspect ratio: 16/9

TV Premiere date and year: 25th of December 2009 (Part I) and 1st of January 2010 (Part II) on Channel I.



Icelandic Film on DVD, In Iceland we have region 2 and PAL system, but most computers can play all regions and systems, subtitles are on all Icelandic DVD's but mainly in English, some tourist DVD's have other countries subtitles as well
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Additional Information

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