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Liquorice is a great science all on its own in the candy culture of Iceland. The varieties and variations are virtually countless but one thing remains in common between the entire lot - they don't make liquorice quite like it anywhere else in the World. Be it on its own or as a component of a candy bar, Icelandic liquorice has fans everywhere and for a good reason. Browse the selection on and explore the World of Icelandic liquorice!

Shop Icelandic liquorice online today on!

Appolo lakkrÝskonfekt (30 x 100 gr.)

Appolo lakkrÝskonfekt (30

ISK 7.944
Dj˙pur (20 x 100 gr.)

Dj˙pur (20 x 100 gr.)

ISK 6.500
Hitt ( 45 gr.)

Hitt ( 45 gr.)

ISK 234
Hitt (30 x 45 gr.)

Hitt (30 x 45 gr.)

ISK 6.075
LakkrÝskonfekt Drift (100 gr.)

LakkrÝskonfekt Drift (100

ISK 320  ISK 288
Save: 10% off

LakkrÝskonfekt Nˇi (150 gr.)

LakkrÝskonfekt Nˇi (150 g

ISK 460
Nizza - LakkrÝs (46 gr.)

Nizza - LakkrÝs (46 gr.)

ISK 262
Nˇa ┴vaxtalakkrÝs (150 gr)

Nˇa ┴vaxtalakkrÝs (150 gr

ISK 450
Nˇa Kˇkosfylltur lakkrÝs (150 gr)

Nˇa Kˇkosfylltur lakkrÝs

ISK 490
Nˇa lakkrÝs me­ s˙kkula­ihj˙p (150 gr)

Nˇa lakkrÝs me­ s˙kkula­i

ISK 490
Nˇa LakkrÝs piparperlur (150 gr)

Nˇa LakkrÝs piparperlur (

ISK 490
Nˇa Liqourice (plain) (150gr.)

Nˇa Liqourice (plain) (15

ISK 467
Nˇa s˙kkula­ihj˙pa­ir lakkrÝsbitar me­ kˇkosfyllingu(150 gr)

Nˇa s˙kkula­ihj˙pa­ir lak

ISK 520
Noi Liqourice Box (450 gr.)

Noi Liqourice Box (450 gr

ISK 890
Perlur / Chocolate covered Liqourice (130gr.)

Perlur / Chocolate covere

ISK 490
Sambˇ Ůristur Small Wrapped (20 bags)

Sambˇ Ůristur Small Wrapp

ISK 14.000  ISK 11.200
Save: 20% off

SportlakkrÝs (300 gr)

SportlakkrÝs (300 gr)

ISK 450
Ůrista k˙lur (130 gr)

Ůrista k˙lur (130 gr)

ISK 500
Ůristur (30 gr.)

Ůristur (30 gr.)

ISK 168
Ůristur - Small Wrapped (250 gr.)

Ůristur - Small Wrapped (

ISK 701
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