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Kjötborg / The Corner Shop DVD

Kjötborg / The Corner Shop DVD

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Synopsis: In a world of globalisation, fast food, and supermarkets, two brothers are determined to hold on to the old ways. Kjotborg is a cornershop in Reykjavik, run by two eccentric brothers in the form of social shopkeeping rather than a profit-making buisness

Original title: Kjötborg

English title: The Corner Shop

Genre: Documentary

Language: Icelandic

Subtitles: English

Directors: Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir, Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir

Scriptwriter: Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir, Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir

Editor: Stefanía Thors

Cinematographer: Fridrik Gudmundsson, Thorfinnur Gudnason

Sound design: Gunnar Árnason

Music: Sindri Már Sigfússon

Producer(s): Thorfinnur Gudnason

Country: Iceland

Length: 47 minutes

Premier date and year: 20. June 2008

    •    The Edda Award in Iceland 2008: Won for Best documentary
    •    Reykjavik Short & doc 2008: Awarded the Silver Fox for Best documentary
    •    Skjaldborg Fim Festival at Patreksfjordur 2008: Awarded Einarinn for Best documentary





Icelandic Film on DVD, In Iceland we have region 2 and PAL system, but most computers can play all regions and systems, subtitles are on all Icelandic DVD's but mainly in English, some tourist DVD's have other countries subtitles as well
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