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Ófeigur was founded in july 1992. It is situated in down town Reykjavík. The gallery is representing jewelry, women's clothes, hats and bags. On the second floor is a gallery and garden used for frequent separate exhibitions and concerts by artist both native and foreign. This family business is run by Ófeigur Björnsson master gold & silversmith/sculptor and his wife Hildur Bolladóttir master dressmaker/designer and there son Bolli Ófeigsson master gold/silversmith, designer. The Most Innovative Shop Of The Year 2013. Ófeigur gullsmiðja receives an award Freyjusóminn 2013. Freyjusómi is an encouragement award of Reykjavík city, Miðborgarinnar okkar, Employers’ Association, The Federation of Trade and Services, Icelandic trade association, Global Blue in Iceland and Tax Free Worldwide, Iceland.
  • Hats
    Women's hats by Liivia Leskin
  • Necklace
    Necklace Made & Designed In Iceland.
  • Earrings
    View Our Collection Of Earrings.
  • Women's Clothes
    Women’s Clothes. Made & Designed In Iceland By Hildur Bolladóttir Master Dressmaker & Designer. all our dresses made & designed in Iceland by Hildur Bolladóttir master dressmaker & designer.
  • Bracelets
    Bracelets Made In House - Icelandic Design
  • Rings
    Rings By Bolli, Dýrfinna, Karl Davíð & Ófeigur.
  • Engagement Ring's / Wedding Ring's
    Engagement Ring's / Wedding Ring's
  • Brooches
    Handmade Brooches One Of A Kind. Exclusive Design.
  • Cufflinks
    Cufflinks Made In Iceland.
  • Lava jewelry
    Jewelry made form lava stone.
  • Handbags
    Handbags By Harri Syrjanen
  • Extras
    Leather necklaces, chains and another accessories for necklaces
  • Unique Works
    Examples of our exclusive works form today and the past.
  • Titan


    Titan is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density. One of the best known characteristics of titanium is that it is as strong as steel but 50% lighter. Titan doesn't tarnish like silver. Titan is a safe metal to wear, not-toxic.


    • Strong
    • Lightweight
    • Corrosion
    • Resistant
    • Cost-efficient
    • Non-toxic
    • Biocompatible (non-toxic AND not rejected by the body)
    • Long-lasting
    • Non-ferromagnetic
    • Osseointegrated
    • Long range availability
    • Flexibility