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Icelandic Hot Dog

There's every chance that the best hot dog in the world is in Iceland, if you just can't make it over the seas, you can always try to make them at home...(Victoria Haschka)

The local hot dogs have been embraced by fans as diverse as former US President Mr. Bill Clinton and the foursome fearsome metalgods of Metallica, each documented as absolutely loving them!

Cooking Tips for Icelandic Hot Dogs
    1.    Bring a pan of water to the boil and turn off the heat. You only need enough water in the pan to immerse the sausages so they float in the pan;
    2.    Add the hot dogs to the pan and make sure all the juice from the packet is included;
    3.    Wait for 2-4 minutes. The hot dogs are now ready;
    4.    The buns are best heated with hot steam;
    5.    Serve the hot dogs with raw onion(fine cut), fried onion, apple Ketchup (as seen here at, mustard and remulaði placed on top of the sausage.


15 Hot Dog Buns

15 Hot Dog Buns

ISK 925
Coke Original (500 ml)

Coke Original (500 ml)

ISK 300
Hot Dog Mustard (350 gr.)

Hot Dog Mustard (350 gr.)

ISK 551
Hot Dog Mustard (750 gr.)

Hot Dog Mustard (750 gr.)

ISK 990
SS Hot dogs (500 gr.)

SS Hot dogs (500 gr.)

ISK 1.860
Mayonnaise with Relish (Remulađi) (200 ml.)

Mayonnaise with Relish (R

ISK 514
Vals Hotdog Ketchup (438 ml.)

Vals Hotdog Ketchup (438

ISK 607
Kokteilsósa (200 ml.)

Kokteilsósa (200 ml.)

ISK 514
Dry Fried Onions (100 gr.)

Dry Fried Onions (100 gr.

ISK 393
Dry Fried Onions Big Box (500 gr.)

Dry Fried Onions Big Box

ISK 1.355
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