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Icelandic Hot Dog

Hot dogs (500 gr.)

$ 24



10 Icelandic hot dogs
We pack them with icecubes and incluting is a health certificate.

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Cooking Tips for Icelandic Hot Dogs
    1.    Bring a pan of water to the boil and turn off the heat. You only need enough water in the pan to immerse the sausages so they float in the pan;
    2.    Add the hot dogs to the pan and make sure all the juice from the packet is included;
    3.    Wait for 2-4 minutes. The hot dogs are now ready;
    4.    The buns are best heated with hot steam;
    5.    Serve the hot dogs with raw onion(fine cut), fried onion, apple Ketchup (as seen here at nammi.is), mustard and remulaði placed on top of the sausage.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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