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Soley Cosmetic Gloey from Iceland

GLÓey - Purifying exfoliator

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Purifying exfoliator with peppermint and wild Icelandic herbs (60 ml.)

Translation: GLÓey means "forever GLOWING" in Icelandic.
About GLÓey: Thoroughly removes sluggish surface cells, promotes skin renewal and stimulates the senses. This deep-cleansing yet nourishing exfoliator creates a polished and luminous complexion, reduces the signs of aging and eases the absorption of applied nutrients and moisture. GLÓey contains hard working crushed olive kernels, a refreshing amount of peppermint (an anti-depressant in aromatherapy) and hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs - which together create a revitalizing treatment that renews your skin’s natural GLOW.

Directions: Apply GLÓey purifying exfoliator to dry skin and use fingertips to gently massage over face. Work the exfoliator in circular movements from the center of face outwards. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat skin dry. For best results, prime skin by removing makeup, dirt and debris with fersk cleansing foam. Apply to dry skin, as directed above, however let the peppermint work for 1 minute before rinsing (the peppermint has both stimulating and antiseptic qualities). Follow with refreshing splashes of nærð soothing tonic before massaging in eyGLÓ pure moisture to finish. Exfoliate twice a week. Suitable for all skin types.
Ingredients: Pure Icelandic spring water, coconut oil,* olive kernels, evening primrose oil,* sweet almond oil,* apricot kernel oil,* vegetable glycerin, alcohol, sodium cocoyl glutamate, perfume origin basil, xanthan gum, glyceryl caprylate, organic therapeutic essential oil, peppermint,* lemon,* lavender,* wild Icelandic herbs (betel alba,* achillea millefolium, salix phylicifolia,* uva ursi*). *Certified organic. None of the ingredients are tested on animals.
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