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Gifts from Iceland, order today unique Icelandic products
  • Gift Certificates
    Gift Cards from nammi.is, easy way to give something special
  • Christmas
    Icelandic Christmas, uniq, different and lots of nice things
  • Torfi Hardarson Artist
    Torfi Hardarson Artist
  • Aunts Design T-Shirts
    Aunts Design T-Shirts
  • Buckle & Belts
    Icelandic Buckle & Belts
  • BUFF
    Buff for everybody, even the president...
  • Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Ash
    Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Ash
  • Ice-Sar
    Ice-Sar, Icelandic Rescue team
  • Icelandic National Team Items
    Icelandic National Team Items
  • T- Shirts & more
    T- Shirts & more
  • Vikingstore
    Viking products
  • Volcano in Iceland
    Volcano in Iceland
  • Icelandic Horse
    Icelandic Horse items are so many and are also the best gift you can give to a fan of the Icelandic Horse
  • Shot Glasses
    Shot Glasses with Icelandic phrases or photo, unique for your party, try them with Brennivin or Opal Vodka