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Gauragangur - Hullaballoo (DVD)

Gauragangur - Hullaballoo (DVD)

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Gauragangur - Hullaballoo (DVD 2011)

Ormur, a teenager who believes he is a genius poet, comes to face with trials and tribulations of adulthood and needs to grow up quickly. During the span of a few months Orm grows from a carefree teenage boy to a responsible adult. His antics cause him, and his closest circle of friends and family, often a heap of trouble with the school authorities and his fellow students. He even goes as far as to get a glimpse into the Icelandic penal system.

Genre: Family / Comedy
Language: Icelandic
Subtitles: English

Director: Gunnar B. Gudmundsson
Scriptwriters: Gunnar Gudmundsson,Ottó Borg
Main cast: Alexander Briem, Eygló Hilmarsdóttir, Hildur Arndal, Atli Óskar Fjalarson
Editor: Saevar Gudmundsson

Cinematographer: Tómas Tómasson
Sound design: Ingvar Lundberg, Huldar Freyr Arnarson
Producers: Thor Sigurjónsson, Skúli Malmquist, Hlín Jóhannesdóttir
Production company: Zik Zak

Length: 95 min
Premiere year: 2010
International release: 2011



Icelandic Film on DVD, In Iceland we have region 2 and PAL system, but most computers can play all regions and systems, subtitles are on all Icelandic DVD's but mainly in English, some tourist DVD's have other countries subtitles as well
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Additional Information

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