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Fusi Icelandic Film on DVD

Fúsi / DVD

$ 25
$ 25



How much does Fúsi weigh? Twenty-four stone? More? No one can say, not even Fúsi (Gunnar Jónsson) himself.

Because ultimately the 43-year-old is sleepwalking through life. His work as an airport baggage handler does not exactly stretch him and he has never had a girlfriend.

The only thing that really interests him are World War II battles, which he painstakingly reconstructs using small model tanks and soldiers at home, in his mother's flat which is both his refuge and his prison.

When Fúsi receives a coupon for a dance school, he meets Sjöfn (Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir), a similarly lonely soul with deep psychological wounds.

Unused to interacting with other people,

Fúsi instinctively decides to take both their lives in hand.

At least just a little bit. But that is quite something for this giant with a seemingly small horizon but a big heart.



Icelandic Film on DVD, In Iceland we have region 2 and PAL system, but most computers can play all regions and systems, subtitles are on all Icelandic DVD's but mainly in English, some tourist DVD's have other countries subtitles as well
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • SKU DVD-S-792
  • Products Model Icelandic Movie DVD
  • Rate L
  • Subtitles English
  • Genres Drama
  • Format PAL
  • Region 2
  • Brand Sena