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Fisherman - Dried Haddock (50 gr.)

Fisherman - Dried Haddock (50 gr.)

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Dried in a shack in the harsh winds of the Westfjords, just like they did in the old days

We recommend you taste the Dried Haddock with a little nob of butter - it´s delish! 

HARÐFISKUR as the Icelanders call it!

When the Vikings began to fish in Iceland, they were the pioneers in drying fish – which was the only way to store fish back then. They filleted the fish, dipped it into seawater and laid it out to dry on big rocks by the sea. Later on, Icelanders started building special wooden huts for drying the fish, open to the cold winter winds.

FISHERMAN fish fillets are still dipped in seawater and hung out to dry for up to six weeks. This original method is used in the Westfjords of Iceland, where Icelanders have plenty of open air and cold winter winds. To make one kilogramme of dry fish, we need ten kilogrammes of fresh fish. That explains why it is one of the most expensive foods in Iceland. This snack is popular with the adventurous, such as mountain climbers and other sporty foodies, who like superfoods that are high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is super-healthy, convenient to grab or share when the hunger kicks in, and it’s filling and tasty.

FISHERMAN uses the original method, which is categorized as ‘Slow Food’ by the foodie world today. You can now find this method listed in the ‘Ark of Taste’ by the Slow Food grassroots organizations. We are proud to offer you our local experience. Please visit and stay with us to learn more about quality destinations based on Icelandic fish traditions.


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