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In this section, you can find questions and answers posted by our customers. 
If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us directly at info at nammi.is


Q: Can I pay through Paypal?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Is it safe to pay with credit card on nammi.is?

A: Yes, we use the safest security systems and all credit card information is encrypted (korta.is) for your safety.  See more about our secure payments here.

Q: Can I transfer the payment to your bank account?

A: Yes, you can, choose bank transfer in the payment process, your order will be shipped after we receive the payment.

Q: Why are the shipping costs so high?

A: Because the Icelandic Post service pays for the shipping in a foreign currency and since the value of the Icelandic krona is in an all time low the shipping costs are higher than usually. This, however, is offset in turn by the low prices available at nammi.is as prices are in the said local currency. Take a look at our new DHL express prices,never been so low before.

note: now its possible unregistered envelope mail, faster but no traking number, this means no insurance and if parcel is lost it's lost.  No refunds here, so use only for small and cheeper orders.

Q: How do you wrap the goods up – will the products I order turn up intact?

A: We make every effort to ensure that the wrapping of all orders is sufficiently executed and we now have over eleven years of experience in that field! However, lackluster handling during customs inspection or reckless handling while shipping can have its adverse effects, although this is fortunately a very rare exception in our experience.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Yes, of course, and we will refund the price of the products and the shipping costs as soon as they arrive back, with the deduction of the re-shipping cost. There is no time limit in this regards, we only require the product to be intact. Please note that items with short storage time, like foods such as dairy products, can not be returned.

Q: Can the Icelandic Easter eggs really be shipped and delivered intact?

A: We do our utmost to ensure a safe delivery and wrap them up as safely and securely as possible. This is where experience really enters the equation – each year we ship over 2000 eggs, ever since 2001, and each year we receive less than 5 complaints! But our experience also shows that the biggest chocolate eggs are those who are mostly prone to breaking, due to the agitating of the contents within that cause the fractures of the eggs to materialize, a rare occurence yet rally impossible to prevent. Nammi.is can accept no responsibility of Easter eggs being delivered fully intact.

Q: In which currency does nammi.is charge?

A: Nammi.is charges in Icelandic krona, being an Icelandic organization. However we do offer our customers to order in one of seven foreign currencies to have their bill arrive in their own currency if possible. The payment itself charged to the customer‘s credit card is however denominated in Icelandic krona (ISK).

Q: Do I have to pay customs or VAT upon receiving the order?

A: Yes, if the recipient is the same as the payer for the shipment. This varies between countries.

Q: Is it possible to have an order shipped as a gift?

A: Yes, if the payer is not the same as the recipient we ship the order as a gift and thus the recipient should not be charged of VAT and customs fees upon receiving the package.

Q: Will I also be charged of local VAT in Iceland for my order?

A: No, if the order leaves the country then no local VAT (the VSK) is charged. This is why we show the prices both with and without the VSK.

Q: Can I have food products sent to the USA, like the hangikjöt smoked meat, skyr etc?

A: yes, you can, but only small orders and it needs to be ordered as gift (the payer is not the same as the recipien)  Nammi.is is waiting for all the relevant permits from the FDA and the USDA for larger orders (company's orders)

Q: Can anyone order liquour and alcoholic beverages from nammi.is?

A: No, nammi.is does not sell any alcohol in Iceland, only for foreign orders (export). It must be noted that some countries restrict foreign orders of alcohol, like the USA & Canada, please consult local customs regulation for your home country for further information.

Q: Apparently, food can not be shipped as a regular mail order – why is that?

A: True, we strongly recommend express mail delivery and ship the order on Monday or Tuesday. The reason for this is that several products, like flatkökur bread, rúgbraud rye bread and the pylsubraud hot dog buns only have a three-day shelf-life stamp and therefore require express shipping. Some countries do have an exceptional mail service, like Denmark for example, and in those instances regular mail is sufficient. Our policy, nevertheless, is to recommend express delivery as it keeps food orders in cool storage. If you place an order and choose regular mail we will automatically send you an e-mail message and ask for your confirmation that you accept the risks involved.

Q: What about Icelandic products I am interested in but can not locate on the web page of nammi.is?

A: Please drop us an e-mail through Support here on the top of this page and we will be happy to see if we can help you.

Q: Can orders be prepared for an in-store pick-up?

A: Yes, certainly. We have a shop in Haaleitisbraut 58-60 (above the Icecream store) and there you can visit us to purchase goods or pick up an already placed order, Also we offer Hotel delivery to any Hotels in Iceland

Q: Does nammi.is strictly sell Icelandic products?

A: The vast majority of our products are indeed Icelandic, but among them are certain foreign items that have earned a special place among Icelandic products, like the Prince Polo chocolate wafer bar, various spice blends, certain brands of chewing gum and sweets. We also sell items of Icelandic design that is actually manufactured abroad.

Q: What is the shipping time period to be expected?

A: This can vary greatly and it is impossible to make any guarantees in this regard. We do recommend you consult the webpages of the Icelandic mail service, www.postur.is and www.dhl.com, to learn more regarding this matter. Sometimes delays can occur because of customs inspection, flight delays, bad weather etc. Nammi.is can not assume any responsibility of shipping time and the specific shipping times displayed on our website are only for the purpose of giving an example.

Envelope mail up to 30 days, usually only takes about 4-8 working days

Registered envelop airmail you need to sign up for this one so delay can be few extra days to the envelope mail.

Airmail up to 30 days, usually only takes about 6-12 working days

Express 1-3 working days.

Note customs delay's is not in the above time frame

Gift Certificate FAQ

Purchasing Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s). Once purchased the value of the Gift Certificate will be added to your own personal Gift Certificate Account. If you have funds in your Gift Certificate Account, you will notice that the amount now shows in the Shopping Cart box, and also provides a link to a page where you can send the Gift Certificate to some one via email.

How to Send Gift Certificates

To send a Gift Certificate you need to go to our Send Gift Certificate Page. You can find the link to this page in the Shopping Cart Box in the right hand column of each page. When you send a Gift Certificate, you need to specify the following. The name of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The email address of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The amount you want to send. (Note you don't have to send the full amount that is in your Gift Certificate Account.) A short message which will appear in the email. Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, although you will be given the opportunity to change this as much as you want before the email is actually sent.

Buying with Gift Certificates

If you have funds in your Gift Certificate Account, you can use those funds to purchase other items in our store. At the checkout stage, an extra box will appear. Enter the amount to apply from the funds in your Gift Certificate Account. Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Gift Certificate Account to cover the cost of your purchase. If you have more funds in your Gift Certificate Account than the total cost of your purchase the balance will be left in your Gift Certificate Account for the future.

Redeeming Gift Certificates

If you receive a Gift Certificate by email it will contain details of who sent you the Gift Certificate, along with possibly a short message from them. The email will also contain the Gift Certificate Redemption Code. It is probably a good idea to print out this email for future reference. You can now redeem the Gift Certificate in two ways.
1. By clicking on the link contained within the email for this express purpose. This will take you to the store's Redeem Gift Certificate page. You will then be requested to create an account, before the Gift Certificate is validated and placed in your Gift Certificate Account ready for you to spend it on whatever you want.
2. During the checkout process, on the same page that you select a payment method there will be a box to enter a Redemption Code. Enter the Redemption Code here, and click the Redeem button. The code will be validated and the amount added to your Gift Certificate Account. You can then use the amount to purchase any item from our store

When problems occur.

For any queries regarding the Gift Certificate System, please contact the store by email at sofus(at)nammi.is. Please make sure you give as much information as possible in the email.

Send Gift Certificate

Please enter the name, email address and amount of the Gift Certificate you wish to send. For more information, please see our Gift Certificate FAQ.

Send Gift Certificate
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