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Anna og skapsveiflurnar/ Anna and the moods

Anna og skapsveiflurnar/ Anna and the moods

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Anna and the Moods is a 2007 computer animated movie by the Icelandic digital design and animation company CAOZ in Reykjavík. The voice of the main character Anna is performed by singer, songwriter and composer Björk.

Terry Jones from Monty Python is the narrator, Damon Albarn is to voice Anna's Father.

It was created by the Academy Award nominated script-writer and lyricist Sjón, and features music composed by Julian Nott and performed by the Brodsky Quartet.


The story focuses on Anna Young, the "perfect" daughter. Until one day when her little brother went to wake her up. Her concerned parents take her to a hospital for unruly children where she is tested, and the results are shocking.

Hljóð/Audio Íslenska/Icelandic

Texti/Subtitles Íslenska, Enska / Icelandic, english

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